Is Greece Experiencing a Nazi Revolution?

Physical location map of Greece.


Have you ever heard of a group by the name of Golden Dawn? If you’re not from Greece it’s likely that you haven’t. I was shocked when I learned about this group and there ideals. This political group has mastered the Nazi-styled propaganda, riot tactics and racial discrimination that once flourished in Germany. Today Golden Dawn has gathered 8% of the political vote for government and their popularity is increasing. Since the economic downfall in 2008, Greece has suffered staggering unemployment and rapid inflation. The combination of slowed economic success and a mostly unemployed youth has crippled the country’s ability to provide for its people. That’s where Golden Dawn comes in.

On a daily basis, Golden Dawn seeks out the poorest sectors of the population and distributes food and other goods to them. This political party will gladly give out provisions to any Greek citizens. However despite how wonderful this sounds, there is a catch. If you are not a natural born Greek citizen, then you are not allowed to receive any assistance from Golden Dawn. According to their political platform, Golden Dawn believes that the biggest issue facing Greece today is foreign inhabitants. They believe that a pure Greek society could sustain itself much more efficiently than a society with mixed culture and race. These were the same ideals once held by Adolf Hitler when Germany’s crippled economy failed to provide for its people.

With no other assistance in sight, many people flock to Golden Dawn to seek food, shelter and employment. Despite what their political beliefs once were, these Greek citizens have embraced the Nazi-styled party for its proactive assistance. Meanwhile, as Golden Dawn wins the people hearts and minds with their racial propaganda, non-Greek citizens live in fear. Golden Dawn is known to aggressively assault no-Greek citizens who defy their racial rhetoric. Tensions between Golden Dawn and the Greek police escalate on a daily basis as many of its members actively sabotage their efforts. However despite the Greek polices presence and resistance, Golden Dawn’s influence grows stronger by the day as more citizens join their cause.

As an outside spectator it is hard to imagine what life is like in Greece these days. If you live in Greece or have family that lives in Greece please respond to this post. Have you heard of Golden Dawn? Do you think that they are helping Greece or do you think that they are hurting it with the promotion of racial purification? Please reply to this post if you could provide me and my viewers with some more insight on this topic.



Golden Dawn Party Leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos delivering a speech in Athens - 2013

Golden Dawn Party Leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos Delivering a speech in Athens – 2013

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