Delightful Dinner at Miracle Mile

Inside of Swine

Inside of Swine

Miami is a great place to try new restaurants and experiment with different foods. Recently there has been a Gastro-Pub revolution in the Miami area. With a more intimate vibe, unique drinks and menus that reflect a Chef’s creativity, they are all the rave. This is why we chose to go to Miracle Mile in Miami, an area that’s known for its shopping, bars and most of all its trending restaurants. Saturday, Jessica and I went to a relatively new Gastro-Pub named Swine. Here’s what we had.


Fried Green Tomatoes at Swine

Fried Green Tomatoes at Swine

Fried Green Tomatoes. These delicious little green tomatoes won us over from the first bite. The flavors were so fresh and Earthy that we almost ordered seconds and ditched our meals. Ingredients: FL Tomme, pea shoots and tomato chow chow. I don’t quite know what those things are by themselves, but together I know that they are the best fried green tomatoes I have ever had!


(Left) Orkney Skull Splitter (Right) Homestead Bound at Swine

(Left) Orkney Skull Splitter (Right) homestead Bound at Swine

Orkney Skull Splitter Ale and the Homestead Bound. Probably the most creative and refreshing drink I have ever had in my life, of course ordered by Jessica. The Homestead Bound ingredients: Absolut Vodka, Veev Acai, fresh strawberries, orange, lemon basil and mint. This delightful amalgamation of fresh ingredients and properly mixed alcohol is a game changer to say the least. I will definitely order that again when I return. The beer that I ordered was really great too, packed with rich complex flavor that anyone should expect from a good ale.


The Swine Burger

The Swine Burger

The Swine Burger. Ingredients: Short-rib, brisket and smoked pork blend, homemade dill pickle, thick-cut house smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and Swine’s special sauce. The burger was a great choice as all of the ingredients could be savored individually and no single ingredient overpowered another. The lettuce and tomato was fresh, the bacon was crispy and the meat was cooked to perfection.


Cookies&Milk at Swine

Cookies&Milk at Swine

Cookies and Milk. Ingredients: White chocolate stuffed homemade Oreos, ice-cold bourbon spiked milk and a dark chocolate dipping sauce. I should say that I’m lucky to have Jessica by my side because if not for her then I would have never tried this desert. The cookies and dipping sauce were warm and the spiked milk was super cold. Every bite was just as delicious as the last leaving you wanting more. Initially skeptical about the spiced milk, we were shocked to find that the subtle hint of bourbon gave the milk just the right amount of flavor to make it perfect.


For those of you who are looking for a restaurant with a unique personality and a world class chef, go to Swine. This Gastro-Pub nestled in Miracle Mile Miami is my new favorite restaurant hands down. A relaxed ambiance with dim lighting and creative décor make this restaurant everything that a Gastro-Pub should be. We had great service and we could tell that the staff was as excited about the food as we were. We felt like we were among friends who wanted us to enjoy this experience with them. Swine is a definite winner in my book and I recommend the spot to anyone who is willing to try something new. Thanks for stopping by.

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