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Hey everyone. Welcome to my blog. I’m Robert and I’m really excited to start sharing my posts with you. My love for learning and passion for writing are what motivated me to start this blog. Fascinated with culture, ethnicity, religion and lifestyle I decided to use this blog to discover the world around me and share my findings with all of you. My goal is to get a better understanding of what life is like for people living in other cities, states and countries across the globe. I want to offer my unique perspective on various events and topics while also encouraging my readers to share their own perspectives with me. By doing so I believe that we could learn far more from one another then we ever could from watching the news or reading a book.

In addition to learning about the cultures of the world, I would like to share some information about my life with my readers so that they have the opportunity to know who I am as well. I want to share valuable lessons that I’ve learned from my relationship with my girlfriend Jessica. Understanding how hard it is to maintain a relationship these days, I hope that some of the lessons I’ve learned could help someone else struggling to maintain their relationship. As I gladly share my personal experiences with my readers I encourage anyone who is willing to do the same to share their own stories with me so that I too may learn something new. Aside from that, I’m also a food junkie and a science geek at times so I might share some of  my favorite discoveries in these areas with you too. So enjoy the posts and remember to subscribe to my blog if you like my posts. Thanks for stopping by!


Ps: If you ever want to share information that you may know about any of my posts or about yourself then please, feel free to tell me more!

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