A Quick Bite at Yard House

Merrick Park is an area in Coral Gables with plenty of stores to shop from and some really great locations to grab a bite. Yard House is a place that is well known for its hefty beer selection and American style cuisine. They don’t actually sell yards of beer though, trust me I asked. If you like trying new beers and maybe even ordering a sampler this is the ideal location, though I’ll warn you not to go on a Saturday because there’s no happy hour and the beers are overpriced in my opinion. With a dim lit ambiance, classic rock playing in the background and TV screens lining the walls, this place is great for watching a game. Here’s what Jessica and I ordered…


Bass and Elden Flower

Bass and Elden Flower

Bass – American Pale Ale. Elden Flower – Champagne, St. Germaine, Hypnotic and Thyme. My beer came to the table just a notch above warm which I didn’t really like. However Jessica’s drink was refreshing and really well prepared.


Spinach Cheese Dip

Spinach Cheese Dip

Spinach Cheese Dip – Baked with feta, jack, parmesan and cream cheese served with crispy flatbread. This spinach cheese dip came piping hot to the table with a unique crispy flatbread as the dipping chip. We definitely enjoyed this spinach dip because of the four-cheese blend and fresh spinach mixture. The only thing that I wasn’t too fond of was the crispy flatbread chips because some of them were more chewy than crispy.


New York Steak Sandwich

New York Steak Sandwich

New York Steak Sandwich – Steak prepared to your specification, roasted Roma tomatoes, Swiss cheese, fried onions, garlic aioli with thin sliced fries. This steak sandwich was out of this world. Cooked to perfection, the thick steak had great flavor and the fried onions really worked well with the dish. This I would certainly order again if I return.

Mini Chocolate Souffle

Mini Chocolate Souffle

Mini Chocolate Soufflé – Served warm with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. As far as chocolate soufflé is concerned, this desert was on point. I wouldn’t say that I loved the desert but it was good and I did enjoy the vanilla ice cream on top.


Though this restaurant doesn’t really make the cut of my top ten, I still think it’s worth giving it a shot. I will try going back to Yard House during the week when they have happy hour and specials to give it another shot. Thanks for stopping by and happy Monday everyone!


Healthy Brunch at Town Kitchen & Bar

Town - Bellini Proper, Bourbon Tea and Menu

Town – Bellini Proper, Bourbon Tea and Menu

Located in the heart of South Miami, Town Kitchen & Bar is a great spot to grab a drink and enjoy some really unique food. Jessica and I have come here a few times already and I felt it was time for a post. This restaurant has a nice outdoor patio area which is great during winter. However, the heat in September is still too much to enjoy the outdoors so we settled for a nice booth inside. The restaurant has a modern industrial style with a raised ceiling giving the place a very spacious feel. Here’s what we ordered…

Town - Bellini Proper, Bourbon Tea

Town – Bellini Proper, Bourbon Tea

Bellini Proper – Ciroc Peach Vodka, Peach Schnapps, orange, pineapple juice and a splash of champagne. Bourbon Tea – Makers Mark Bourbon, Villa Massa Limoncello and fresh brewed iced tea. In my opinion, sometimes the best way to start your day is with a well-made cocktail. That’s what Jessica and I did when we arrived because the cocktails here are phenomenal. My Bourbon tea was delicious and surprisingly smooth while Jessica’s Bellini Proper was refreshing and sweet.

Town - Turkey Club with Skinny Fries

Town – Turkey Club with Skinny Fries

Turkey Club – Sliced oven roasted turkey breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce, cranberry relish, multi-grain bread and a side of skinny fries. What a delicious and healthy sandwich this was. The turkey breast and bacon were salty while the cranberry relish was sweet with a hint of spice. The lettuce and tomato were both fresh and crispy. I would definitely order this sandwich again. The skinny fries were soft and crispy. I enjoyed those as well.

Town - Pesto Steak Panini with Skinny Fries

Town – Pesto Steak Panini with Skinny Fries

Pesto Steak Panini – Toasted ciabatta, tender steak, pesto mayo, grilled onions, melted mozzarella cheese and skinny fries. Jessica order this unique sandwich and I had to have a bite. I’ve ordered this sandwich in the past and for good reason too. The steak is cooked to a juicy perfection and the pesto sauce works perfectly with the onions and melted cheese. This mouthwatering sandwich just might be my favorite thing at Town.

I recommend Town Kitchen & Bar to all of my food lovers. Whenever you’re in the mood for a nice cocktail and a healthy delicious meal, make sure to give this place a shot. Thanks for stopping by!