Latin House, A Food Lover’s Paradise

Latin House - Chimi Burrito

Latin House – Chimi Burrito

So I’ve been wanting to write about this amazing restaurant for a while because it’s one of my absolute favorite places to eat. The first time that I went to this place with Jessica, our waiter explained the inspiring Latin House story to us. Initially a food truck, Latin House gained its reputation by serving up some of the most unique cuisine in town. With the food truck craze in full swing across Miami, it didn’t take long before people began raving about their amazing dishes. Eventually they became so popular that groups of people began following the food truck from location to location and at times even to the chef’s home. Earning them the appropriate title of “stalkers”. Overwhelming success allowed the chef to open up a restaurant location and embrace the phrase “stalkers welcome”. For me it was love at first bite. Cuban, Mexican and American foods are all delicious on their own, but when combined together, they form some of the most epic fusion cuisine I’ve ever tasted in my life. So here’s what we ordered…

Latin House - Queso Fondue

Latin House – Queso Fondue












The Queso Fondue. A blend of 3 cheeses and Mexican chorizo, melted and served with fresh tortilla chips. This is a must have if you’re planning on ordering an appetizer. This mouthwatering treat is served in the same cast iron skillet that it’s cooked in, giving the Fondue a truly great flavor.

Latin House - 2 Sangria's and a Chimay

Latin House – 2 Sangria’s and a Chimay












Sangria and Chimay beer. Known for giving everything an unexpected twist, Latin House makes their own special version of Sangria that’s perfect for Miami weather. I went with one of my favorite beers called Chimay which never disappoints.

Latin House - Grilled and Regular Chimi Burrito's

Latin House – Grilled and Regular Chimi Burrito’s

The Chimi Burrito and the Grilled Chimi Burrito. Normally Jessica goes with the “MadLove” burger but after trying my Chimi Burrito last time, I can’t blame her for ordering one this time around. Since they’re basically the same I’ll just tell you about the regular Chimi Burrito that I can’t seem to get enough of. Yellow “Chuchi” rice, three cheeses, sweet plantains and carne asada come wrapped in a large flour tortilla that is flash fried and topped with pico de gallo, avocado lime sauce and Mexican crema. In short, this is the holy grail of burritos. If you’re the type of person that likes going to a restaurant and ordering the dish that made them famous, then make sure you order one of these. I could literally write an essay explaining why this burrito is the greatest invention ever created but I rather you just try it for yourself.

Latin House - Timba

Latin House – Timba

Timba. Fried Cheese Cubes and a special Guava dipping sauce. The only negative thing that I have to say about this dessert is that it doesn’t come with more! I’m not really a desert person per say but when it comes to Timba, that doesn’t really apply. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these cheese cubes go perfect with the special Guava dipping sauce.

I highly recommend that all food lovers give Latin House a shot. Great service and amazing food keep me going to this restaurant time after time. I hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for stopping by!

China Brings Jobs to the U.S.?

Suntech Power Holdings factory in Phoenix, Arizona

Suntech Power Holdings factory in Phoenix, Arizona

Suntech Power Holdings factory in Phoenix, Arizona

Suntech Power Holdings factory in Phoenix, Arizona


Americans (myself included) can’t remember a time when we weren’t the most powerful nation in the world. Being the most powerful nation in the world is a title that comes with special responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is job creation. The U.S. has long been known for its ability to keep unemployment rates down and its salaries reasonable. However, over the past decade, the U.S. has been slipping on its job creation responsibilities. Unemployment has been on the rise, the middle class has been all but wiped out and the gap between the rich and the poor is at its greatest. In the most unlikely of twists, the country that’s now creating jobs in the U.S. is none other than China.

Last year an estimated 14 billion dollars were invested in the U.S. by Chinese companies, employing over 70,000 U.S. citizens. Who would have thought that China, of all countries, would be investing in the U.S. and creating jobs? After decades of U.S. companies moving their operations to China, Chinese investors are now looking to do the same here in the U.S. by promoting more Chinese American business investment. From the Southern states of Alabama and Mississippi to the Western state of Arizona, these states are offering cheap real-estate and a strong workforce. Suntech Power Holdings, a Chinese solar panel firm, is a prime example of Chinese investment in the U.S. as the factory is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Chinese investors are purchasing struggling U.S. companies and also purchasing abandoned factories and converting them into profitable modern factories. With competitive wages and the necessary infrastructure to move large sums of products already in place, it’s likely that the U.S. will only see an increase in Chinese investment. While I’m not entirely comfortable with the thought of Chinese companies employing our citizens, I was less comfortable with the idea of sending U.S. jobs overseas to China. Hopefully this new era of Chinese investment in the U.S. will remind our own companies of how valuable U.S. employment can be.

I would love to hear from you guys about this new era of U.S. investment. Do you think that China’s investments in the U.S. is a good thing or a bad thing? Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by!

China and its Neighbors

China and its Neighbors